WISY Float-Switch | 3m cable | for Mains Water Top-Up - Clamp & Lever

Float-Switch with 3m cable for Mains Water Top-Up | Clamp & Lever
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Cable material: H07RN8-F, 3x 1.0mm² Cable length: 3m | 3x core cable (L-L1-PE) with... more
Product information "WISY Float-Switch | 3m cable | for Mains Water Top-Up - Clamp & Lever"

Cable material: H07RN8-F, 3x 1.0mm²
Cable length: 3m | 3x core cable (L-L1-PE) with protective earth conductor (PE)
10(8) A | 250 V | IP68
Material Float: PP (non-toxic polypropylene) | Dimensions (mm): 68 x 90 x 41 | Colour: yellow
T(max) = 40°C | Storage(max) = 95°C
Function: emptying
Switching angle: ±45°
with stainless-steel clamp (Ø 100-140mm) & lever (4 cm or 9 cm switching range)
Certifications: VDE, CE | Made in Germany



Float Switch for Rainwater Tank mains top up

Low-level Float Switch located inside a rainwater harvesting tank or header tank to activate a solenoid-valve, back-up supply, pump or low-level signal/alarm.


The float switch in the downward position closes the contact between L & L1. In the upward position the contact between L & L1 is opened.

Applications: - filling

  • level-controlled filling (ON/OFF) of tanks; rainwater tank, header tank, intermediary buffer-tank
  • low level signal/alarm of rainwater harvesting tank


The float switch activates an external solenoid-valve or pump to supply water to the tank.

The low level alarm or signal can also be used to activate an emergency signal or to display a status on a control panel. It can also be used to trigger a backup supply (e.g. automatic switch-over from rainwater to well-water, if rainwater tank is empty).


Float switch with defined switching range

Due to the stainless steel clamp and lever the float switch can be positioned at the required level inside the tank for exact defined switching levels. 

The clamp is suitable for a pipe diameter of 100-140 mm. Therefore, the float switch can be secured on a 4" vertical inlet pipe within the rainwater harvesting tank or on the submersible rainwater pump (e.g. EBARA Multigo pump or EBARA Idrogo pump, each with 5" diameter).


In addition, the clamp allows to define a switching range of the float-switch of either 4cm or 9cm.


Connection is either possible directly to solenoid-valve, pump or indirectly to the rainwater harvesting control panel.


The float switch for mains water top-up is an emergency back-up in order to ensure continuous automatic supply at a rainwater harvesting system or water-supply system, in case the primary water supply source (e.g. low level inside rainwater tank) is not available.


Brown = L; phase/power supply

Blue = L1; to solenoid-valve, low level alarm, back-up supply or rainwater control panel

Green/Yellow = PE (earth conductor)


SAFETY NOTICE:due to submerged operation, a float switch with earth conductor (PE) is recommended at any installation with up to 250V. All float switches supplied by GEMGATE Limitedare equipped with an earth conductor!

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