WISY Rainwater Harvesting System | Beta | 5500 Litres

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Rainwater Harvesting System for domestic houses and small commercial premises with a roof... more
Product information "WISY Rainwater Harvesting System | Beta | 5500 Litres"

Rainwater Harvesting System for domestic houses and small commercial premises with a roof area of approx. 150m² to 200m².


Max. Annual Rainwater Yield: 85.000 -115.000 litres (Dublin area)


Use harvested rainwater for:

  • toilet flushing
  • washing-machine
  • irrigation
  • outside taps
  • floor, vehicle & machinery cleaning
  • machinery cooling-circuits & process-water



A. WISY Rainwater Harvesting Tank in PE | 5.500 litres


1x WISY Rainwater Storage Tank 5.5m³ - 1x Primary Tank (RK 6460) with pre-assembled WISY Combi-Filter (Vortex Fine Filter).

Compression resistant 5.5 m³ (UK: 1169 gallons) Tank for underground installation as part of a rainwater harvesting system.


  • with final ring & child safety device (TÜV-certified)
  • with non-slip manhole cover suitable for car-based vehicles according to ATV A127
  • incl. pre-assembled vertical downpipe & Smoothing Inlet
  • 4" capped socket connection for subsoil technical duct to building
  • Rainwater Inlet DN 100 (4")
  • Rainwater Outlet to Tank DN 100 (4")
  • Rainwater Outlet to Drain/Overflow DN 100 (4")
    Height difference Inlet/Drain Outlet: 32cm/320mm

    Maximum Flow Rate for 1x WISY Combi-Filter: 4.2 litres/sec. - Drainage Safe

    Note: Filter inlet & outlet size of 4" (DN 110mm); for larger pipe-sizes of 6" (DN 160mm) or 9" (DN 225mm) by-pass pipe installation to be provided on-site for full drainage-safety!

    Filter outlet is also the tank overflow (vermin-protection is provided)!


Installation of the WISY rainwater tank in a private driveway is possible.

Environmentally friendly and physiologically safe Polyethylene (PE) material.
The rainwater tank is manufactured seamlessly in one piece for maximum durability (rotationally moulded production process).

Smooth tank walls inside reduce deposit accumulation for improved hygiene and water quality.
Fast and easy installation due to sealed plug-in connections DN 100 (4").

The tank is comparably light in weight & therefore easy to transport and to handle on the construction site with a standard digger, tractor or similar.

Large dome shaft (Ø 70 cm 2.3 ft.) allows easy entry for inspection of the rainwater harvesting tank.

Frost proof installation depth of the connections without additional extension tube guaranteed.
For deeper installation depths an extension tube for the dome shaft is available (additional accessories).

Tank entry dome is equipped with 2x lifting hooks to accommodate a rope/chain in order to lift/lower the tank into the excavation.


Additional security is provided due to the pressure compensation-valve (non-return valve) located at the base of the tank in case of occasional high groundwater table.


Should groundwater level rise above the water level inside the rainwater tank, the hydraulic pressure is relieved via the non-return valve in the tank base by allowing groundwater to enter the rainwater tank.

As the tank is installed on a compacted gravel-bed foundation within the excavation, the gravel acts a "filter". Incoming groundwater is therefore generally free of sediments.


Note: underground installation in areas with predominantly high groundwater table is not possible; risk of damage to tank and installation!


| Made in Germany |


Rainwater Tank has been phased-out in Ireland / N. Ireland - no item remaining ex stock!

B. Submersible Rainwater Pump

1x WISY BETA 1000 Rainwater Pump (GP5010) with integrated automatic pressure-switch for direct pressurised rainwater supply.


The pump can supply harvested rainwater direct pressurised to the various points of use or to an intermediary header-tank (not included) where a gravity supply system is favoured. The valve at the header tank should be fully opened or fully closed.


We therefore do not recommend to install a standard floating ball-cock at the header tank as this may cause irratic pump operation cycles. A solenoid-valve triggered by a float-switch inside the header tank or a similar solution is advisable.

C. Automatic Mains Water Top-Up


1x WISY Potable Water Feed Set - ½" - 20 m cable (TW8820) is included. The components can be used to minimally top-up the underground storage tank (direct pressurised supply setup) or the intermediary header-tank (gravity supply setup) with mains water during prolonged dry periods.


This ensures the rainwater harvesting system continues to operate automatically throughout the year irrespective of precipitation levels.

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