Float Switch 10m | Emptying & Filling

Duplex Float-Switch with 10m cable
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Cable material: H05RN-F, 4 x 0.75mm² Cable length: 10m | 4x core cable (L-L1-L2-PE) with... more
Product information "Float Switch 10m | Emptying & Filling"

Cable material: H05RN-F, 4 x 0.75mm²
Cable length: 10m | 4x core cable (L-L1-L2-PE) with protective earth conductor (PE)
10(6) A | 250 V | IP68
Dimensions (mm): 68 x 90 x 41
T(max) = 40°C | Storage(max) = 95°C
Function: emptying + filling
Switching angle: ±45°
Material: PP (non-toxic polypropylene)
Certifications: VDE, CE | Made in Germany


This float switch is equipped with crossover-contacts for duplex functions: emptying + filling.

Installing one float-switch with dual-functionality is required if both conditions (up/down) are of importance at the installation.

In the upward position the contact between L & L1 is closed while the contact between L & L2 is opened.

In the downward position the contact between L & L1 is opened but closed between L & L2.

Applications: - emptying (cores: brown + blue)

  • level-controlled operation (ON/OFF) of a submersible pump in a sump chamber
  • high level alarm in a sump chamber or tank
  • pump dry-run protection; low-level device in a tank

The float switch in the upward position activates the pump or high level alarm and can be used in wastewater pump stations, drainage sump chambers, sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Installed as a low-level device in a rainwater harvesting tank, the float switch can also provide pump dry-run protection.


Applications: - filling (cores: brown + black)

  • level-controlled filling (ON/OFF) of tanks; header tank, intermediary buffer-tank
  • low level alarm in a tank or reservoir
  • low level signal of rainwater harvesting tank


The float switch in the downward position activates an external solenoid-valve or pump to supply water to the tank.

The low level alarm or signal can be used to activate an emergency signal or to display a status on a control panel. It can also be used to trigger a backup supply (e.g. automatic switch-over from rainwater to well-water, if rainwater tank is empty).


Brown = L; phase/power supply
Blue = L1; to pump or alarm | (emptying)
Black = L2; to pump, solenoid-valve or alarm/signal | (filling)
Green/Yellow = PE (earth conductor)


SAFETY NOTICE: due to submerged operation, a float switch with earth conductor (PE) is recommended at any installation with up to 250V. All float switches supplied by GEMGATE Limited are equipped with an earth conductor!

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